Advice On How Best To Treat Your Dogs During Warm And Hot Weather

Advice On How Best To Treat Your Dogs During Warm And Hot Weather

  1. Exercise

Avoid exercising your dog during the hottest parts of the day – generally thought to be between 10am and 4pm.  Be aware of heat exhaustion.


  1. Walking on Pavements

Remember that pavements and asphalt get hot in no time at all.  To test the temperature – put the back of your hand on the ground and see how long you can leave it there before becoming uncomfortable.  If this is within 5 seconds keep your dogs on grass.


  1. The signs of a dog being too hot

If your dog is in the garden but is panting, dribbling and ‘grinning’ – it is time to bring him inside to a cooler temperature.


  1. Access to FRESH water

Always ensure that your dog/s have access to fresh water and make sure that they are hydrated.  If you are going out then make sure that you have water with you for them.


  1. Cars

Never, ever leave your dog/s in cars (or any other glass ‘construction’).  This can be lethal within minutes.  If you have to travel with your dog during a hot weather period make sure that your air condition works and shield them from the sun.


  1. Swimming

Swimming is possibly the best exercise for dogs during hotter weather – it is also good for their joints.  (Also remember the increased pollen count during the summer months – dogs can be affected by this just as us humans can.)

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