How Skylos Foods Can Make Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

How Skylos Foods Can Make Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

  • Skylos omega 3 supplement supports healthy skin and coat
  • High-quality British meat and rounded dietary ingredients
  • 14% unrefined oils and fats help support the natural oils required to maintain a dog’s skin and fur
  • Grain-free – dog’s digestive systems aren’t built to break down large quantities of carbohydrates, so removing grain (a carbohydrate) makes the food far easier for the dog to process
  • Biologically appropriate ingredients – many dog foods have become composed in a way that makes them cheaper – but they often ignore the fundamental composition of diet that dogs would look for in the wild – high fresh meat content


Skylos Foods have shown to have fast and effective results in improving the overall shine and glossy appearance of your dog’s coat. Looking at testimonials alone, many customers are clearly impressed by the benefits of replacing their previous choice of dog food with Skylos.


Natural oils and fats are crucial in supporting a dog’s skin and fur. By ensuring that each meal has a high unrefined oil and fat content, Skylos maintains the overall glossy and healthy look of a dog’s coat. Foods that are lower in these ingredients, often restrict a dog’s ability to produce the oils needed to prevent problems such as skin irritation, as well as a dry and coarse looking coat.


The further addition of an O­­mega 3 supplement in Skylos Foods incorporates the anti-inflammatory properties that dog owners often buy separately in order to promote healthy skin and hair growth. Rather than looking for separate, often expensive products, buying a dog food that incorporates balanced ingredients eradicates the need to supplement their diet further.


Whereas many alternative brands have started to use ‘cheaper’ ingredients, Skylos Foods have been designed to contain biologically appropriate ingredients, all fresh and British-sourced, that your dog would have favoured in the wild. By offering one of the highest fresh meat contents on the market today, the food replicates what would have been in their ‘natural’ diet. This works towards avoiding digestive troubles which many dogs often suffer, from having eaten unnatural and artificial ingredients. If the dog’s digestive system is working in a healthy and productive way, other functions such as maintaining strong and glossy looking fur will naturally follow.


One key dietary mistake that dog owners often make is feeding their pets food that is high in carbohydrates, which dogs struggle to break down and digest. At Skylos we pride ourselves in maintaining grain-free ingredients in all of our products, which minimizes carbohydrate content and makes the food as easily digestible as possible. Easy digestion means easy absorption of all nutritional content, which in turn results in your dog’s natural functions being supported. This is why many dog owners feeding their dog Skylos have noticed that their pets have healthier looking fur.

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