How To Create The Best Feeding Schedule Tailored To Your Dog

How To Create The Best Feeding Schedule Tailored To Your Dog

Food for thought…


Whether you’ve just recently provided a home to your new friend or are wondering how much to truly feed your dog, one thing is for certain and that’s that dogs thrive on routine. They may not clock watch (like some of us are guilty of doing) but they certainly have the ability to detect when it’s time for a routine walk or even better, time to receive their dog food and in this instance, natural, complete and balanced grain free dog food.


Remember, the best way to establish a feeding routine for your dog is to consult with a vet so they are able to configure a course of action that is customized specifically to your dogs needs.


So with this being said, why the importance of routine and consistency for dogs? Being creatures of habit, the day-to-day routine regarding your dog is the underpinning of the fabric of his life and a stable routine helps them know what to expect from their owners and their lives AND when to expect their dinner!


Whilst Skylos Dog Food contains some of the highest fresh meat content, it is also nutritionally dense meaning you can feed your dog less. Our bags also come with a helpful feeding guideline to give you an idea of the amount your dog should be eating per meal.  Therefore, contributing to the smooth running and stability of your dog’s daily routine!


Establishing an appropriate feeding routine for your dog also enables his metabolism to get used to a pattern. Feeding your dog at the same time each day also helps towards his emotional and mental wellbeing.

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