Omega 3 For Dogs - How Fish Oil Will Keep Your Dog Healthy

Omega 3 For Dogs - How Fish Oil Will Keep Your Dog Healthy

Healthy oils found in fish such as Omega 3 are essential to your dog’s health and wellbeing both for their internal wellness and in improving a dog’s appearance.

Omega 3 promotes a healthy heart in dogs and can keep their joints strong to avoid movement issues in old age. It can also help with brain development in puppies, so it’s essential to get a healthy source of Omega 3 in to your dog’s diet as soon as possible.

Aesthetically, Omega 3 also promotes a clean coat to let you know that your pet is healthy and happy. 

All meats contain a fatty acid called Omega 6. No matter what dog food your dog is eating, they will be getting a healthy amount of Omega 6. However, many commercial dog foods are low in Omega 3.

Omega 6 and Omega 3 complement each other very well in your dog’s body. However, they must be reasonably balanced for dogs to have a healthy immune system.

Omega 6 fats raise inflammation and Omega 3 fats lower it. However, if your dog is not getting enough Omega 3, this can lead to an unhealthy balance which could cause more serious inflammatory health issues in the future.

It’s essential that your dog gets a good amount of Omega 3 to balance the amount of Omega 6 that they will be getting naturally in their diet.

The type of Omega 3 that your dog consumes is also very important. Omega 3 fatty acids are very vulnerable to oxidative damage. That means that when Omega 3 is processed either in processed dog foods or in liquid oils, the fat particles break down and the benefits are lessened.

The best way for your dog to consume Omega 3 and gain the greatest benefit from it is by eating fresh foods that are full of natural Omega 3 sources such as Salmon or Trout.

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