Why Skylos Foods? The Benefits Of Our Dog Food

Why Skylos Foods? The Benefits Of Our Dog Food

Skylos Foods offers the most complete, natural and balanced dog food. It differs from competitors with some of the highest fresh meat content on the market, whilst also staying grain free.

            Skylos Food is Hypoallergenic, biologically appropriate and veterinary approved. Creating one of the most nutrient dense dog foods on the market. An excellent alternative to grains, Skylos uses Sweet Potato for complex carbohydrates and high vitamin B count. We also chose Sweet Potato due to low glycaemic content, meaning that energy is released at a slow and steady pace; providing energy to last until your dog’s next meal. This healthier form of carbohydrate also aids your dog’s digestion, meaning less mess and less smell.

            There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), our food is delivering a healthy alternative to potentially dangerous and harmful chemical preservatives.

            What makes up the remainder of our high fresh meat content food? Skylos packs vitamins, minerals, pre-biotics and antioxidants to aid digestion and keep a healthy and strong immune system. An example is Omega 3, which helps with joints, keeping a healthy coat, brain and heart.

            We also offer Puppy food, containing all of the same benefits as the adult food, but with high quality protein and nutrient blend. Not only that, but Skylos offers grain free treats! Healthier and tastier than most, your dog will want to work for them. We are happy to accommodate any specific treat such as antler bones, yaks and salmon skins, all of which are available as healthy treats.

Proud to offer 10% discount for armed forces, free samples, and free delivery over £46. We offer a money back guarantee, and if you refer a friend who buys a 6kg or 15kg bag, you’ll receive £5 off your next order!
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