• Just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for your amazing customer service!  I’m a new customer and ordered dog food at approximately 6pm - it was delivered at 7.35pm!  Truly amazing in today’s world.  Thank you!  (JZ, Cirencester)
  • Fantastic customer service.  Brilliant.   (EA, Berkshire)
  • Many thanks for getting back to me. I thought that may have been the case but wanted to check as I know how prompt you are when dispatching orders. Hopefully I'll have a nice box of treats waiting for Talisker when I get back next week.
    On another note I want to say thank you so much for the chat we had a few months ago ref feeding advice. Since putting Talisker on to Skylos he has never been in such great condition. People are always surprised when I say he's coming up to 7, thinking he's around 3 or so. I recommend Skylos to anyone asking about what I feed him, and have even managed to get dad onto it now for his pointer, whose condition has improved so much as well since being on Skylos. On top of that your customer service is amazing and I always feel like a valued customer. 
    Many thanks for everything.  (CP, Gloucestershire)
  • My one year old Boston Terrier has almost finished his first bag of Skylos Salmon and Trout adult dog food.  He absolutely loves it and his coat and skin are now in fantastic condition. I have just ordered another bag of a different flavour for him to try and I just know he will love that too.  Thank you for introducing us to your products (we met you in the Summertown Market one Sunday) and we are firm converts!  (MA, Oxfordshire)

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the ultra fast delivery of the puppy food. Puppy loves the food and we managed quite a quick change over four days mixing the Skylos food in so she is totally on Skylos now.  It's made a huge difference, smaller kibble and now no wind AND solid poops.  I was never a fan of xxxxxx (a well known brand) as my first beagle had allergies and we found that xxxxxx was the worst culprit for irritating anal glands, ear and eye infections and chewing paws.   It was a very lucky chance meeting in Cirencester, thank you again.  (SW, Lancashire)
  • Hello Will,  I am Tina... xxxxx xxxxxx's friend, I spoke to you re my little spaniel that was having a couple of health issues and you suggested trying your dog food. I ordered a bag and I can see a difference already, her coat has become shiny and she hasn't been scratching her ears at all so I just wanted to thank you and to say,  I will be ordering more in the future.. thank you very much Will. Best wishes.  (TC, Gloucestershire) 
  • Thank you so much again for such insane delivery and service from you all. My dogs both thrive on your dog food and really enjoy it so I was gutted at the thought of having to buy something else to keep them going until it arrived ! I'm always asked what the girls eat as they are in such great body condition and their coats are always so shiny - I really rave and rate this brand. Many thanks again.  (HW, Wiltshire)

  • We spoke on Thursday about my Ridgeback puppy & on your recommendation I ordered the Salmon. It arrived Friday noon ... what great service!  Hope you had a successful day & many thanks for your advice and delicious kibble.  (EF, Buckinghamshire) 

  • When we got Myla we had such trouble finding a food that worked with her including multiple trips to the vet.  Since being on the Skylos grain free salmon - she's finally put some weight on and no more issues.  She also loves a fish twirl!  (TD, Gloucestershire)
  • We were really struggling to feed our 10 month old pup - tried so many different foods and every single one was rejected - so we resorted to roast chicken every night - which was the only thing he would eat

    Contacted Skylos, who I had heard about from my rescue, and they sent a couple of samples through

    They arrived at 11:21 am, and by 11:23 had been emptied into his bowl and DEVOURED !!! Bowl completely clean

    No “extras” needed for added flavour - this boy loves this stuff

    If you have any doubts about trying something new - ignore them. If fussy boy will eat Skylos - I promise you your pooch will. And lovely knowing how nutritionally balanced it is.  (SS, Oxfordshire)

  • Hi Will.  Thanks for a VERY prompt delivery, not expected today! I was on the phone to Canada when you called so sorry a brief greeting!  Shadow is doing very well indeed with his Skylos food (which we changed to yours when I adopted him last August.  Together with lots of walks, he is a NEW dog (although12 years old) very fit/ lively, so I am very pleased indeed and thoroughly recommend your dog food.  Many thanks also for the "delivery service".  (SP, Gloucestershire)
  • Just a quick line to say Happy New Year and thank you as always for the quick delivery which is really appreciated but not necessarily communicated. So just wanted to let you know that your top dog food and top quality service is appreciated.  (SS, Gloucestershire) 

  • Our Labrador puppy loves his Skylos foods and his coat is in such great condition.  Reordering on the website is so easy and speedy delivery to the door.  Great customer service from the Skylos team.  (SS, Berkshire)
  • Thank you Skylos Dog Food for nourishing our gorgeous puppy.  She was weaned on a high end "fresh" food, but when we realised we could get the same nutrition with all the convenience of a dry food (and a much more affordable price), we transitioned to Skylos and haven't looked back!  She's thriving, silky coat, good numbers 2s and she wolfs it down in seconds too!  5 stars from.  (SB, Surrey)
  •  Dear Michael, Tommy's food was delivered today.  Thanks for the very fast shipment, despite the difficulties from the coronavirus. Stay home.  God Save the Queen and bless you all.  (EN and family,  Rome)
  • We have two standard poodles - a breed well known for being fussy feeders. We have tried just about every premium dog food and whilst they would eat it if it was mixed with tinned dog food or scraps from our food they would not eat the foods without mixers, except for one food costing £80+ for 7.5kgs!  Romi the larger, younger dog had developed quite severe digestive problems which even antibiotics would not help. As we motorhome a lot with the dogs you can imagine the trouble this caused.  After talking with Michael at length we tried Skylos samples with Romi for a week. The difference was remarkable. They both love the food, will now eat it on it's own and the stomach problems are a thing of the past. We now have "kickability!" We chose the Lamb and Mint as Kai had previously chosen this flavour and it is a particularly gentle feed.  A 15kg sack has lasted us for 6 weeks meaning I can feed them for £4 each per week.  (S&DR, Shropshire) 
  • Personal delivery of my order on a Sunday - fantastic customer service and a great product which has virtually eliminated my two dogs’ itchy skin and ear problems! (FS, Oxfordshire)
  • It’s 8.19pm and my parcel has just arrived ….  I can’t thank you enough for your time in trying to sort this out. I can assure you I will still be ordering from you again and again. Archie love this fish so much. (CP, West Midlands)
  • Thank you for the samples you sent me. Tommy will be very happy to taste them. The food arrived a few days ago, but I wasn’t in Rome. Since my westie feeds in your food, he is fine! (EN, Rome)
    • I just wanted to mention how fantastic your Skylos dog food is, our dog - a working cocker spaniel - was so picky before but now he wolfs everything down in seconds. (FSW, Somerset)

    • Fantastic dog food ! Tried our first bag from Newcastle Market today and my two Australian Cattle Dogs loved it. Cody has just finished her first bowl of Skylos and is wanting more !! Thanks for producing an excellent product and I was happy to see my other dog polish off his bowl as he has been very picky with everything else I have tried - success ! (JB, Cheshire)

    • Same day delivery on Christmas Eve is very impressive. Our black lab has a beautiful coat that everyone remarks on and she loves her food. Thank you for your great service. (SS, Gloucestershire)
    • Well done and thank you.  My order arrived safely this morning @ 8am.  Excellent customer service from you ...  (RB, Warwickshire)
    • We have a Griffon/Lab (or Griffondor for short). We were sent home with a bag of Skylos when she was a puppy. The lovely couple we got her off had done masses of research and were passionate about giving their dogs pure and natural ingredients, which is synonymous which how I eat and feed my family.  

      We experimented with other foods, such as the stuff the vets gave us when we signed up for the pet plan, but so far they have all turned her tummy. Anything with grains or rice doesn’t suit her. Skylos has been the saving grace and I am so glad that the breeders did the research for me! The food is sourced from known UK farms, and is good quality ingredients put together for the health of the animal. I have spoken to William on the phone a number of time. One time I called him asking for an emergency delivery of food after trying to transition on James Well Beloved and my puppy had become so poorly I was really worried. He spent time talking to me about how to help her and was brilliant. 

      So yes, we love Skylos. My puppy loves Skylos, and I should also mention that my toddler has been known to snuffle a few of the puppy’s kibble for himself; it seems he likes it too!   (OJ, Oxfordshire)

    • Going well with the food thank you - my dog seems to love it and we have definitely noticed a difference.  (SL, Gloucestershire)
    • We started our dogs on Skylos dog food a year ago, both of them had health problems and were recommended to have a high quality dog food by the vet - they loved it from the start and they've both improved incredibly due to being on it, vets really impressed with how much better they are.  Our children's dogs and friends we've recommended it to as well have found great improvement in their dogs health/fussy eating.  (TC, Oxfordshire)
    • All good ingredients.  No rubbish fillers.  Our French Bulldog loves it and he now has a glossy coat.  (PW, Unknown)
    • I have two dogs, a large and a medium size.  I changed to Skylos about three months ago and both dogs seem to love this food.  I have tried other makes but this is the best dry dog food on the market.  I mix in some Butchers wet food, not because I need to but I feel this is what my dogs enjoy.  It is true what Skylos say about their dry dog food; the dogs do not need as much dry food compared to other types and this of course works out cheaper, for those that are interested.  There are different recipes which means I can change the order as often as I wish.  (Mr X, Gloucestershire)
    • Just wanted to say Wow!  Thank you for probably the fastest internet delivery ever!!!  I am both surprised and amazed. Thank you.  We’re recent converts after meeting in Stroud market. We had the three shattered musketeers (springadores) in the rear from their excursion on the common. So they are very happy with the new flavour treats.  (P, Gloucestershire)

      • Our puppy is a huge fan of Skylos puppy food.  We feel comforted that this is the very best food for our little one and she certainly looks healthy and happy as a result.  Can't fault it.  Great quality and great customer service.  (CR, Oxfordshire)
      • I just wanted to say thank you so much for the sample food and bag of treats you sent me together with the note.  It made such a difference to try them first. Our dog (west highland) absolutely loves both and I’ve never seen her so happy to see 'food' (which she usually turns her nose up at the previous brand we used). I am so pleased.  (S-JD, London)

      • My dogs are thriving on your food - I could not recommend it more highly and have no intention of ever going back to the other 'Junk' food.  Thank you for an excellent product.  (RV, Gloucestershire)
        • The quality of your products are fantastic and the delivery is exceptional but what I really l wanted to provide feedback on is the changes in our two Border Terriers; Taitti and Bert.  Both always finish the bowl, whereas in the past they would leave some and their coats appear healthy and shiny - difficult for a BT.  Bert has had enormous change.  He has always lacked energy on walks/runs and he is now a different dog and keeps you with Taitti.   (SB, Hampshire)
        • We've got a very happy and healthy six month old black Lab.  People are often making nice comments about how healthy she looks, with such a shiny coat and bright alert eyes. Typical Skylos puppy!  (EW, Berkshire)

        • Thank you so much for such a quick delivery yesterday! A very impressive service. (SJS, Gloucestershire)
        • Evie loves her Skylos.  No need for Yudigest anymore, Skylos food has sorted out her poopy problems.  (Sorry for being so blunt.)  Thank you Skylos.  (RW, North Yorkshire)
        • Our 8 year old lab was just give top marks by our vet.  Weight and teeth perfect.  Thank you Skylos.  (SAB, Staffordshire)
        • Absolutely the best food, no waste 'dust' in the bottom of the bags - just 100% food and the change in my Newfoundland's coat is tremendous - lovely and shiny! (JH, Staffordshire)
          • Thank you very much for the dog food.  Amazing customer service. (ZK, Gloucestershire)
          • Started using your dog food approximately a month ago with our Irish Setter, Flynn.  He suffered with ear problems for a very long time despite countless veterinary surgeon visits and us continuously cleaning his ears out.  Since Skylos dog food his ears have massively improved.  He loves his Skylos grain free venison - it's woofed down in seconds, great product.  Thank you. (PD, Gloucestershire)
          • My puppy Tigga absolutely loves her chicken and sweet potato food and it's great that it's grain free.  She was a fussy slow eater but now she can't eat her yummy food quick enough.  She is full of energy and very happy.  Great customer service and fast next day delivery.  Thank you Skylos! (ES, West Sussex)
          • I bought some dog food at the end of July and just wanted to say how pleased with it we are!  We have a year old Golden Retriever and she loves it and seems much healthier on it in terms of her digestion as well.  (KC, Oxfordshire)

          • Obviously it is early days but his coat is just so good I have dropped the cod liver oil and, whilst I haven't ruled out it is just a coincidence (she says, desperately reaching for something remotely wooden!), he doesn't seem to be having the same problem with his ears - certainly not shaking his head so much.  All in all very pleased, thank you and I have happily recommended. (JL, Wiltshire)
          • So after being a bit sceptical when told the food I was feeding my Cane Corso cross Ridgeback was the wrong food, the transition to the Skylos large breed puppy ...food is at 50/50 mix and already my puppy's coat is shiny and healthy, I'm so glad I made the change to Skylos and you have earned a lifetime customer. Thanks Skylos!  (DB, Wiltshire)
          • Smells like good quality food that goes down very well with my springer spaniels, who have adjusted to their new diet very quickly.  My delivery came very promptly after I placed my order and was packaged in environmentally friendly waxed paper sacking.    Repeat order going in soon, can't praise more than repeat custom. (TB, Northumberland)
          • The dog loves this food. Excellent delivery service. (MC, Gloucestershire)
          • Our 6 month old lab has certainly lab tested Skylos Foods.  He absolutely loves and thrives on it.  Best dog food I've used by far.  (DB, Cheshire)
          • I would like to say a big thank you to Skylos Dog Food.  I was nominated for a winning bag, which I have kindly received (chicken, sweet potato and herbs) and my dogs are loving it.  Thank you.  (SMH, Lancashire)
          • Great to have found a dog food which seems to focus on nutrition as well as convenience! Our older dog has become more conscious of the time of day and really seems to look forward to her meals, more than she used to! We've also noticed a change in her mobility, so the 'senior' supplements have helped her ageing, stiffer joints. All round success - she's happy and so am I: super efficient delivery (next day), arrived in a well-packaged box, to ensure no damage to the bag. One - or rather 2! - very happy new Skylos customers.  (RC, Essex)
          • They have only been on it for a week so are still in the"swap over mode" from their old food (currently only @ 75% Skylos) & yet their coats are already incredibly shiny, their breath is better as well and I know I am not giving them any nasty extras/fillers. Also, the food actually smells really nice - particularly good if you want to pop some in your pocket for treats when out on a dog walk!  So glad I discovered Skylos- a WINNER in our family! (Oh and the delivery service was great too!)  (CS, Gloucestershire)
          • We are in the process of transferring our two Labradors onto Skylos. Currently a 50:50 mix with their original food. Although they have always loved their food, (typical labs!) there is new enthusiasm when food time arrives.  (SB, Staffordshire)
          • Wow, thank you Skylos! We've finally found a grain free food that our miniature daschund Sammy LOVES. Can't recommend highly enough.  (SB, London)
          • I just thought I would report back that fussy Bracken so far Loves the lamb food! She demolishes a bowl full then goes back to look for more - long may that last! (MB, Gloucestershire)

          • A big Thank You to Skylos Foods! I recently ordered the Salmon, Trout, Sweet Potato and Asparagus biscuits for my dog and I am really delighted with them. I have probably tried every single brand of dog food trying to find the right one and I think this is it! Until now (look away if you are eating) my dog has had issues with producing quite squishy poo - this food is a game changer, not only is the poo much more firm, she seems much happier about doing her business and absolutely loved the biscuits, gobbling them up without pause and I don't know if I am imagining it but her coat already seems more glossy and she just seems more content, so again a big thank you and a hearty recommendation for Skylos!  (AH, Yorkshire)

          • Thank you for the peace and quiet Skylos Foods!  Until now I've had to act as ring master to stop them stealing from each other.  The puppy in particular is thriving on her Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots & Peas, having previously been ambivalent about her food.  Note to self:  order more!  (HK, Gloucestershire)

          • Thank you for the super quick delivery of Lily's sample.  She had a couple from my hand and liked them so much I added a few to her normal biscuits in her bowl.  She has now picked through her bowl and only eaten the Skylos Food and left the rest!  I think she likes them!  Order placed!  (RG, Hampshire)
          • After wolfing down their sample packs - Poppy and Daisy are happily making their way through a much bigger bag that arrived very swiftly!  2 happy hounds - thanks Skylos!  (CP, Yorkshire)
          • Sleeping off their delicious Skylos lunch of chicken and sweet potato - I have never seen the whippets eat faster than the pug before.  So good I could smell the sweet potato.  (MR, Devon)
          • Finally!  Having tried every food on the market, Hendricks (the fussiest dog ever!) is clearly loving his Skylos food.  Don't know who's more relieved .... him or us?!  Thank you so much!  (EM, Gloucestershire)
          • Two bags kindly hand delivered by Mike today, also a bottle of wine for me being the first customer when I ordered them on the opening day at Siddington P2P!  Very thoughtful.  Needless to say I will be buying my dog food from here from now on but it will take my spaniel a while to get through this 30kg.  Thanks again, best of luck.  (DJG, Cheshire)
          • A VERY happy springer spaniel customer this evening!  Thank you Skylos, next up the lamb and mint.  (HM, Staffordshire)
          • Saffy enjoyed her Skylos 2kg bag so much that we've upgraded to the 15kg bag.  (AM, Gloucestershire)
          • Today was the taste test ...  Ella started on the venison and finished it in record time then pushed Mack away to start on the duck ...  CoCo ran off with the remaining venison bag - venison was the winner.  Two large bags of venison please Skylos!  (JS, Wiltshire)