'Cold Pressed' Salmon Oil - improves coat/skin health and aids joint mobility - 250ml, 1L or 5L sizes

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Pure Salmon Oil produced from sustainably sourced farmed Atlantic salmon which contains no chemical additives. Salmon oil is rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids which provide important nutritional benefits for your pet including:
• Promoting healthy skin & coat condition. 
• Soothing itchy and dry skin. 
• Aiding joint mobility.
• Healthy heart and immune system.
• 100% natural ingredients
• Vets recommend Omega 3 fatty acids for superior heart health.

Easy to use, just add to your pet’s food!

*Guaranteed to be sourced exclusively from MSC certified sustainable fisheries.

Composition: 100% Farmed Atlantic Salmon Oil

Analytical Constituents: Omega-3: 600mg per 5ml

Feeding Guide: Introduce gradually, add to food.

Cat: Half teaspoon per day.
Small Dog: One teaspoon per day.
Medium Dog: Two teaspoons per day.
Large Dog: Three teaspoons per day.
1 Teaspoon = 5ml

*Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Dog Treat certification